With the best technology

Manufacturing & installation of machinery. ECOL Engineering designs, manufactures and installs industrial machinery and components for different sectors of activity using the best technology and paying attention to every detail to deliver highest quality products.

We provide knowledge and experience and adapt flexibly and effectively to the technical requirements of our clients, improving the efficiency of their production processes and guaranteeing the reliability of the equipment supplied.

We prepare the best possible quotation that meets your technical specification applying energy efficiency and cost reduction criteria under the required quality standards.

Manufacturing & installation of machinery
  • Customised machinery
  • Special machines for the glass industry
  • Automated packaging machines
  • Automated loaders
  • Vertical stockers
  • Inspection lines
  • Silkscreen lines
  • Welding tools
  • Complete manufacturing lines
  • Loading and unloading robots
  • Parts assembly lines
  • Smart warehouses
  • Transport & handling systems
  • Moulding lines for gypsum board
  • Bevelling machines
  • Finishing lines for gypsum board
  • Lines for pipes internal cementing