About ECOL

ECOL Group is a group of companies founded in 1975 and dedicated to design and manufacture of industrial machinery.

Our companies are dedicated to design and manufacture of industrial machinery with applications in different business sectors, standing out especially in glass industry and nuclear sector.

ECOL engineering offers knowledge and experience in designing not only machinery but also entire processing lines fully automated. We get our clients to improve their efficiency, reduce their costs and increase their production capacity.

We develop turnkey projects from the study phase and initial quotation to the installation and commissioning of the equipment anywhere worldwide.

Should you need an industrial machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tailor-made machinery according to customer requirements – Special machines – Automated packing machines
Glass washing machines – Robotic cells

Smart warehouses -Transport and handling systems – De-airing vacuum bag furnace
Manufacturing lines – Automated load and unload lines

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diseño y fabricación de maquinaria industrial_ Grupo ECOL
diseño y fabricación de maquinaria industrial_ Grupo ECOL
Automotive glass industry ECOL

Business sectors

Designing and manufacturing of fully automated production and storage lines

Machinery for production, transformation and storage of all types of glass up to jumbo size

Machinery and tooling for handling and transport of nuclear components

Capacity for designing and construction of all kind of metallic structures

Gypsum plate factories, food processing plants, mining, quarries and cement plants, home appliances factories


The ECOL group’s quality policy is based on the commitment to continuous improvement, our internal quality management system and the application of current regulations on SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT.

Our policy is aimed at guaranteeing quality, promoting prevention and encouraging responsible social behavior.

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