The ECOL group expands its facilities with the acquisition of a new industrial unit in the Guarnizo industrial estate in Cantabria (Spain) where it plans to move part of its production and its main offices. The move will take place in the first quarter of 2021.

These new facilities will add approximately 2,500 m2 to the current facilities dedicated to production and manufacturing that the group has in Cantabria.

ECOL Group expands its facilities to increase the productive capacity of the group’s companies and to improve the service it provides to all its customers both in Spain and abroad. In addition to the improvement in production, this acquisition will also involve the reburbishing and modernization of its technical and administrative offices.

For the interior design of the new offices, the ECOL group has sought a concept of open and modern space. This space will have common areas for informal meetings and recreation and a dining area. The work areas will be open to create a pleasant and safe working environment for all employees of the group and of course for all visitors. This type of design seeks to favor and stimulate the work environment and facilitate coexistence among all company employees.

The expansion and modernization of the facilities are framed within the investment plan undertaken by the group for the year 2021.


This plan also includes the renewal of the group’s corporate image. The renewal of the image includes a new logo that we have redesigned based on the old logo. The idea is to convey a more modern image associated with the quality of ECOL machines, but without losing the original identity of the company.


Taking the opportunity of all these changes, we have also decided to design a new website. This new web page will allow us to provide more detailed and updated information about the company and about the products and services that we offer to our clients.

We invite you to visit our new website at: