Custom machinery

Engineering and technical office for design, manufacture and installation of custom machinery. Execution of projects according to technical requirements and needs of each customer.

  • Design and manufacture of machines according to the specific needs of each company.
  • Blueprints and 3D modeling
  • Flexibility: we adapt the project to the investment capacity of each costumer.
  • All kind of industrial sectors.
  • Machines for all types of industrial processes: Production / Transformation / Packing / Storage

We carry out projects for machinery retrofitting:

  • Adaptation and modification of existing machinery to improve its efficiency and extend its life cycle.
  • Modification of machinery for its integration into lines of work
  • Adaptation and modification of machinery to adapt new elements in existing lines.

If you need technical advice to develop your project, do not hesitate to send us your query. Our engineering team and our technical office are at your disposal to answer the questions you ask us, study the project and prepare a quotation with the best possible solution.

Queries and request for quotations:

Custom machinery ECOL
Maquinaria a medida ECOL
Maquinaria a medida ECOL