ECOL is family business group dedicated to designing and fabrication of industrial machinery with applications in different business sectors, standing out especially in glass industry and nuclear sector.

The initial company was founded in 1975 by Mr. Emilio Cuesta Olavarrieta. Since the beginning the company has been working in the glass sector. It started with mechanical maintenance tasks, first in local glass factories and later expanding the work area nationwide.

ECOL Group

During the following years, the company was strengthening its engineering department, began with the manufacture of individual machines for the glass industry and extended the business line to other industrial sectors.

Finally, and meeting the requirements of its best clients, the ECOL group entered into the designing and manufacturing of complete production and storage lines, integrating mechanical, electrical and automation parts, carrying out turnkey installations and including robotic cells programming.

Parallel to this development, in 1999, the company had already begun with the manufacture of machinery and tools for the transport and handling of nuclear components, developing new knowledge about this sector and definitively consolidating its presence into the national market.

ECOL Group
Grupo ECOL plantilla
ECOL Group


Due to the high degree of demand and specialization that rules the glass industry, the ECOL group has acquired throughout the years a high level of experience and knowledge which has allowed the company to expand itself internationally.

Currently, the group exports a high percentage of its production to different international markets such as Mexico, India, Egypt, Romania, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Italy, China, Portugal, Morocco, Poland, Brazil, France and Germany.

This brilliant development would not have been possible without the recognition and trust placed by the group’s clients in the quality and reliability of our industrial machinery and in the commitment of our entire work team to each project carried out.

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Designing, manufacturing and installation of industrial machinery with the highest quality in order to improve the efficiency of production processes in any kind of industrial activity.



A prestigious worldwide organization where people, clients, staff and suppliers are at the centre of our work.



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